Introducing the Gorgon Cyber Defense System.

Using military principles to defend your home / office, small business, or work from home enterprise workforce.

Increase your defense against hackers that want to steal your identity, security codes, banking details, intellectual property, or private information; or hold you to ransom, or simply destroy your digital property.

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Your Enterprise Cyber Team in a box


your network using dozens of decoys.

Use our threat library to


the risk of any intrusion.

Defend your critical data with a



The first easy to use, no nonsense way to react rapidly when someone makes it past your front door.

Your firewall is like your front door. Once it is breached, it is a free for all. The Gorgon Cyber Defense System is like filling your home with fake valuables, each with a trip switch attached and a trap door underneath. We call this defense in depth.

The Gorgon Cyber Defense System uses military tactics to deploy many sentry decoys (fake computers) on your network and provides a rapid response option to counter-attack any malicious intruder. No Cyber experience required - just touch a button or allow it to operate autonomously. Get expert help along the way in plain English.

Decoys have famously been used by militaries around the world since the beginning of conflicts and have been proven to be effective to this day.

The Gorgon Cyber Defense System is the only product on the market that deploys an entire swarm of decoys out of the box. Out patent pending technology requires no specialist cyber know-how.

Don't allow someone to steal your identity, banking details, intellectual property or hold you to ransom with impunity. With the Gorgon Cyber Defense System you are no longer helpless or a sitting duck.

Decoys provide a powerful defense
Decoys are deception

The art of deception

The famous strategy of Sun Tzu’s ‘Art of War’ has been and is used by the military, business, sport, and really anyone looking for a strategic edge against their foes.

As Sun Tzu says “All warfare is based on deception. Hence, when we are able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must appear inactive; when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near.”

Sun Tzu understood that to gain an advantage over your opponent you need to catch then off guard, make then believe you’re something you are not.

A decoy must be believable, hence Gorgon Cyber mimics your real computers.

As consumers and businesses we should all supplement our security with this ageless and tested decoy technique against cyber attackers.

What is the Gorgon Cyber Defense System?

The Gorgon Cyber Defense System is a small tablet style device that plugs into your network and helps monitor it for malicious intrusions by using decoys. It does not replace your firewall, your anti-virus or malware scanners, rather it augments them and adds a unique new layer of defense.

What a hacker sees without a Gorgon Cyber Defense System:
The same network with a Gorgon Cyber Defense System:

How does it work?

When someone intrudes on your network, their first priority is usually to attempt to infect and control as many computers as possible. Computers can be anything from servers, to laptops, phones, backup devices, printers, and any smart devices eg TVs, watches, security systems, speakers, cameras, fridges, etc.

The Gorgon Cyber Defense System initially takes 24 hours to learn what is on your network, then starts up to 25 fake devices that deceptively mimics existing computers. It also continues to learn if and when your network devices change. So if you have a single smartphone, a hacker (human or machine) will suddenly see many smartphones, with the same make, model, operating system and so on. The hacker trying to infect, damage or steal things will not know of the decoys and any attempt to connect to one of the decoys instantly triggers an alert, and the defense system is now in action.

And it is so easy:
  • Plug it in
    All you need is power and a network port
  • Answer a few questions
    Make the device a little more friendly and stealthy. Give it time to record and learn about your network
  • Let the Gorgon Cyber Defense System help protect you
    You can now defend yourself against malicious hackers

what happens when I get an alert?

The Gorgon Cyber Defense System comes with a dictionary of common network interactions. When you receive an alert, you can get instructions in plain English, suggesting what to do next.

If it is highly likely to be an attack, the Gorgon Cyber Defense System has the ability to launch a non-destructive counter-attack immediately against the suspicious real device and will attempt to knock it completely off the network and the internet.

You can even start such a counter-attack automatically or remotely via our secure portal. The counter-attack buys you time until the compromised device can be physically disconnected and inspected. This could make all the difference.

  • Evaluate the threat
    The onboard threat dictionary provides a lot of help.
  • Choose how to respond
    Counter-attack or white list the threat.
  • Seek professional assistance if needed
    Effectively removing malware can require a professional. Containing the threat early is key.

So many features in such a small device

The Gorgon Cyber Defense System has been over a year in the making. We are proud to offer comprehensive features for both the basic home office user and also Cyber professionals.

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Basic features

For networks with up to 200 devices
Up to 25 decoys
Manual or Autonomous mode
Alerting via Email, App and Device
Free Software Updates
Plain English Alert Help
On Device Help System

Advanced features

Forensic Detection Reports
Device Traffic Recording
Fixed IP Address Assignment
Vulnerability Scanner Whitelisting
Device Join and Leave Alerts
Local Web Interface
System Logs

unit Subscription

Secure Remote Web Interface
SMS Alerts
Respond to Alerts Anywhere
Alert Scheduling

Feel safer and more confident..

20% of small businesses have experienced a cyber-attack in the last 12 months, resulting in the loss of critical data, identity and credentials theft, intellectual property theft, ransom demands and reputation loss.

Cyber defense has to date been very costly and too complex for most small business and home offices. Our mission is to change that in a way that also does not break the bank.!

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